Basic Self-Defense Moves For Women

Today we are going to look at other defense moves that should help in part to defend against an attacker. Last time we looked at the elbow jab. Today, we are going to add a few different techniques to your arsenal.

English: Knee Kick Training as a Basic Self De...

English: Knee Kick Training as a Basic Self Defense Move will help you develop the most powerful self defense weapon in the human arsenal. This leg kicking technique requires the least amount of energy to get maximum striking impact. The “force” of your knees are always with you! Learn to use your legs as self defense weapon with a Knee Kick. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hand-Defense Moves

Your hands generally provide comfort and affection however they can also be of great use to you when you need them most. As most women do not have the upper body strength compared to men, a women’s first thoughts should not be to start punching. It is much easier to claw or poke your attacker. You should aim for his or her most vulnerable areas such as the eyes or the inner thigh area that is near the groin. Also, aim for the attacker’s upper inside of their arm, making sure to twist, tear and pinch those sensitive areas.

The Head Butt

Use your head! Why? Because heads are hard because of the thickness of your skull. They can cause great pain and damage to your attacker if you use your head wisely. You could head butt him or her, aiming for his nose or mouth area. Don’t think that you need to be directly in front of your attacker either. You can also do this if you are being attacked from behind especially if your attacker is roughly the same size as you. The main area to aim for is the nose bridge as this is especially painful.

Using your Knees

Most women are shorter than men and this does give them an advantage. Women can use their knees to aim for the groin area of an attacker. If the attacker is male, a strong kneecap to the groin area can cause temporary defenselessness. It would give crucial seconds to run away from your attacker.

Using Your Teeth

If you are caught in a strangle hold position or there is no other way to defend yourself, you could try and bring pain by using your teeth. A good bite (especially on the ear or mouth) can be excruciatingly painful even though you might chip or loose a tooth in the biting. This could present an opportunity to get away from your attacker.

Using Your Feet

Your feet can be one of the most effective body parts that you can use in self-defense. The ball of your foot is perfect for stomping or stepping on the instep of your attacker. You can target the Achilles tendon, the ankle or the calf area of your attacker and cause great pain by doing so. Once again providing you with an opportunity for escape.

In conclusion to these few tips on self defense for Women, it should be said that you as an individual are going to be able to discern or assess your own situation. You should read and remember all the points above and in my previous blog, and then follow the instincts of your own body if you find yourself needing to defend yourself.

Next time we will look at some of the weapons that women can carry legally to help them if such a situation arose.

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