Discovering What You Are Passionate About

Ok, so you’ve chosen to escape the drab day to day monotony of your life. What next? You would like to live your life to the fullest as well as earning rich rewards. But how do you separate the dream from reality?

When you are in a job you tolerate, the day goes slowly, you are constantly gazing at the clock like you used to do at school. You are obviously in a job you plainly do not have the passion for. However, when you do work out what you are passionate about, your days will never be long enough. You will find yourself working additional hours, talking to your companions about your work and simply enjoying what you do.

Let’s start with your hobbies and obsessions.  Think back and try to remember the things you used to enjoy when you were young. It may be cycling, gardening or repairing your car. Write down all the things you used to really enjoy doing because what used to make you smile and be happy might still cause you to smile and be happy today and in the future. To start with, start spending an hour or two on those hobbies that make you happy. They might just hold the key to the true you!

Climing Ladder of Success

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