Does Success Happen Overnight?

Living your passionate life and living for your own purpose includes having around you those that support you. It might not sound like a big deal however it’s crucial. Image you have a really great idea, your excited, enthusiastic and you tell your friends and loved ones and you get an unexcited response.

This is due to the fact that this great idea is yours and yours alone. It comes from your heart and invigorates you. You need people around you who will become just as excited and as enthusiastic as yourself and once you have this team in place, hold on them tightly. They will be YOUR team. They will be energised by what YOU are doing. You will be able to go to them with YOUR ideas and they will support YOU. It really is hard to try to work in a vacuum without any outside support. So, once you have YOUR team, put a process in place to regularly meet with them.

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This can be done over the telephone or in person. It may be better to meet as a group or on an individual basis. Tell each of YOUR team YOUR expectations and how you want their support. This may all seem to be hard and very draining but if you create an environment of support and encouragement, this will help you to keep on moving forward to your ultimate goal.



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