Self Defence For Women

The world is a dangerous place, especially for women as compared to men. Woman are more likely to be a target and if you ever find yourself in a position where you have to defend against an attacker, you need to be aware of how to protect yourself.  You may not be able to get hold of your taser or mace that you have in your handbag or pocket unless you are ready by anticipating an attack.

However most assaults happen in micro seconds and although your first reaction would be to run, it could not always be the best solution. It is very important that women learn how to defend themselves using self-defense techniques and having the right attitude in times of imminent danger.


When confronted by an attacker, your first instinct should always be whether to stay in place and convince the attacker to let you go or to run away as fast as you can. This is where you need to be able to rely on self-dense techniques that you have learned that shows you how to use your body as a potential weapon which you can use against any attacker should you need to.

A) The Elbow Jab

Your elbows could be your most deadly weapon during an assault or attack. This is because elbows are sharp and can cause a lot of damage or pain when you strike an aggressor. The important part of learning this technique is to learn how to throw your weight behind your elbow to execute an ‘elbow jab’.

This is a relatively simple move as you only have to twist your waist and use your lower and upper half of your body to maximize the power of your elbow swing.  The best place to aim for is the aggressor’s groin, nose, ribs, throat or diaphragm. This will incapacitate the aggressor for a short time during which you have a change to run away.

Next time we will cover hand defense moves as well as head butts, teeth and knee defense moves.

Karate Kick


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