What’s Your Passion

You’ve got a great family and all‟s good with the world, you’re working a decent eight hour day and have a good salary coming in. However, you can’t help feeling deep down as if you’re headed nowhere. Your career is not in an upward direction either. You’re in reality stagnating in your career and mentally and spiritually. Something is lacking! But you can’t put your finger on what it is.

If you had a lot of money in the Bank and didn’t have to worry about a salary, what would you be doing? Would you try something that you’ve always wanted to do? Would you try something exciting? Would you try something that you’ve always desired to do?

Now, ask yourself why you are not doing that currently. Is it because of money? Is it because of family or friends or because you don’t want to leave your comfort zone?

Perhaps you just don’t know where to begin? I doubt its because you are lazy. After all, you’re holding down a regular job and receiving a good enough salary.

Next time we will be exploring your options and what it means to step outside the box while still being in charge of your life and that of your family.

Salary Vezo pirogue sunset, par Franck Vervial

Salary Vezo pirogue sunset, par Franck Vervial (Photo credit: Franck Vervial)

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